Daily Market Analysis
17th Apr 2014

UK unemployment plunges to five year low

UK unemployment data fell to a five year low to 6.9 per cent, down from 7.2 per cent, yesterday.
Daily Market Analysis
16th Apr 2014

UK unemployment rate in focus ahead of Janet Yellen’s speech

US inflation numbers (CPI) out last evening showed an increase to 1.7 per cent which helped the US dollar make some ground on its persistent weakness.
Daily Market Analysis
15th Apr 2014

US retail sales shows big increase

US retail sales saw its biggest gain in 18 months in March, according to official figures.
Daily Market Analysis
14th Apr 2014

Draghi comments push euro lower

Further monetary easing by the ECB looks to be on the cards after comments over the weekend by Mario Draghi suggested additional strengthening of the euro would warrant a policy response by the central bank.
Daily Market Analysis
11th Apr 2014

Dollar continues to decline despite positive data

Yesterday sharp improvement in jobless claims did not help the greenback.
Daily Market Analysis
10th Apr 2014

FOMC minutes set dovish tone

Last night the FOMC minutes from the March interest rate decision were released.
Daily Market Analysis
09th Apr 2014

Focus on Central Banks

Non-farm payroll numbers came out weaker than expected on Friday and the US dollar has shown considerable weakness across the board.
Daily Market Analysis
08th Apr 2014

Sterling eyeballs key data

The pound’s interest rate premium will be put to the test in the forthcoming session.
Daily Market Analysis
07th Apr 2014

Busy week ahead

The market is yet to really digest Friday’s non-farm payrolls
Daily Market Analysis
04th Apr 2014

It's Non-Farm Payrolls time again

The ECB left interest rates unchanged as expected yesterday and at the press conference, Mario Draghi did all he could to talk down the euro. In the press conference Mario Draghi said that the late Easter this year could be clouding the data and causing the weakness in March and he went on to talk about the possibility of additional easing.

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